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November 06 2017

one day I’ll find an artistic outcast of the crusty deranged long-haired weirdo variety who will worship me and generally just give a shit about me

today is not that day

October 10 2017


My fav sex position is actually when I have feelings for someone and they have the same feelings for me too

September 29 2017


I’ve made up my mind now. I will become a force no one can withstand.


“MAYBE IT’S NOT MY WEEKEND, BUT IT’S GONNA BE MY YEAR” I scream at 12 am with tears streaming down my face and a bottle of champagne in my hand. it has not been my year yet. it’s not even a weekend today is Thursday

September 25 2017

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September 19 2017



ok universe, i’m ready to feel good things. make me feel good things.

whenever i post this it works 
reblog if u want to feel good things & the universe will bring u something sweet 

August 28 2017

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Debbie Harry and Blondie, tearing it up at The Whisky, by Donna Santisi


There’s a kind of beauty in tacky lesbian fashion because yeah some of it may be ugly but? The confidence behind it. Infuriates straight men. Like you’re not sexually available to me AND you look weird in an off-putting way that doesn’t appeal to me? They can’t stand it and I find that hilarious and support my tacky lesbians

July 22 2017


psycho killer… kess ka say… fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck

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July 20 2017


Self care is chain smoking, dropping acid, and chugging coffee until you astral project to the castle at the center of the labyrinth to fight david bowie

July 10 2017


Pride yourself in your resilience. You’ve made it this far; that’s a successrate of a hundred percent. That’s the very definition of something you can count on.

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90′s punk/goth looks from various t.v reality shows


Not to be childish but i want love and affection



Whenever you’re feeling sudden calm its because I took your voodoo doll out for a picnic on a grassy hill

thank you

July 08 2017


i miss how we were
maybe someday we’ll get better



In romcoms. In coming of age stories. In dramas, fantasies, scifis. 

Romance. Black. Women. 

And not just the same ones we see all the time. The ones fit for white consumption. Romance tall ones. Romance darkskinned ones. Romance fat ones. Ones with no eurocentric features whatsoever. Ones that look like GOAT Serena Williams. Ones with natural hair. Ones that combine any of the features shown above. 

Romance. Black. Women. 

Let us be damsels in distress. Let us wear beautiful dresses only seen in the most epic fairy tales. Let us be looked at as if the whole universe would fall apart if we did not exist. Let us be ethereal.  Let us be the inspiration of epic ballads and poems. Ones that stand the test of time. Let us have multiple suitors, of every race and gender, vying to be our beloved. 

Romance. Black. Women

We are not just sidekicks. Or mammies. Or background characters. Or sacrificial pawns. We deserve respect. Reverence. Devotion. Love. And we deserve it now. Not some trickle down left over piss that it will take 20 years to get to. NOW.

Romance. Black. Women. 

And this includes my trans black sistas as well. You are not forgotten. You deserve all the above and more. 

July 07 2017

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Fika is the Swedish tradition of having coffee, cake, and a chat. It’s such an integral part of the culture that many businesses have fika twice a day, and sometimes it’s mandatory. Source Source 2

According to IKEA’s corporate website: “Some of the best ideas and decisions happen at fika.“

so after reblogging this to find out if other countries had this as well, i found out the following:

  • germany: yeah we have something similar called “Kaffee und Kuchen” :)
  • america: i work 16 hours per day at minimum wage and get a 7 minute unpaid lunch break, and instead of “fika” i have “suffering” and “death”
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